Add An App Developer To The Apple Developer Story

To commence the app meekness serve for iOS apps you leave offset indigence to fix an Apple developer explanation. This can be established by undermentioned the stairs on Apple’s site.

The entity that owns the certification for iphone app developers developer story mustiness too own any patronage or serving marks associated with any apps that are to be submitted thereunder developer bill. Additionally, you should not cater personal admittance certification to your developer story.

Adding an App Developer allows the App Compliance Squad to take apps to Apple on your behalf, patch protecting your spiritualist information, such as your developer certificate. Only pursue the stairs infra to licence us entree to your developer report.

Developer Portal Admittance

  1. Login to Apple’s Developer Portal with your Squad Factor Explanation credential
  2. Attend the iOS Dev Essence’s Appendage Mall
  3. Attend the tab tagged Citizenry
  4. Sail to Invitations Bid individual and ended the mandatory fields as defined downstairs:
  1. Forename: Digital
  2. Surname: Keep
  3. E-mail Savoir-faire:
  4. Admission and Roles (iOS Developer Curriculum): Admin
  5. If requested, Entree and Roles (Campaign Developer Platform): No Admission
  • Pawl Broadcast Invitation
  • iTunes Associate Approach

    For this department you testament demand to receive us into the iTunes Relate history with a unequaled netmail speech that has been provided to you. It testament be formatted likewise to the chase:

    The singular e-mail destination is auto-generated, and distributed, upon successful compliance of the App Cast. If you do not yet let this e-mail destination, delight middleman your Supporting Instance.

    Erst you get secured it, go to finish the pursuit stairs:

    1. Login to iTunes Link
    2. Dog Deal Users
    3. Blue-ribbon iTunes Relate Exploiter
    4. Choose Add New Exploiter
    5. Add the next entropy:
    1. Forename: Digital
    2. Cognomen: Reenforcement
    3. E-mail Accost: the unequalled e-mail reference provided to you, as described supra
  • So detent Keep
  • Nether Roles, deterrent Expert box
  • Keep Changes to go to Notifications
  • Prime the App Condition boxes for all useable regions
  • Economise Changes a concluding meter to dispatch the iTunes Colligate History Apparatus
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