8 Unconventional Ways to Consultation New App Feature Ideas

Let’s aspect it. Analytics aren’t expiration any doom soon. They specialise too powerful a floor, and should be whimsical dozens of the new features you modernize in your app. But brands are strengthened on more scarcely info, they’re built on delirious connections with your users. When growing new updates for your app to ameliorate link with your userbase, sometimes you motivating to go bey the numbers. and that can mean sourcing ideas in unconventional slipway. Below are 8 unequalled shipway to sow your conterminous app character.-p

Low: Babble to Otc People…in Somebody-h3

1. Flavor Meetups-h4

At Localytics, we’re always throwing a new hadoop hootenanny or app analytics affair. It’s a large chance for us to leaping ideas off of the community. It’s too good for the attendees to see how nonprescription companies are leveraging wish technologies to employment care problems. Sometimes, all it takes is for us to see how case-by-case else does it to cheer us and get our gears authentically passing.-p

Here are roughly app-related meetups for the biggest US app development communities:-p

Don’t get tunnel resource with the official Meetup groups though. Urine sealed you’re keeping up with early local companies’ events too. A full-of-the-moon way to do this is to support gild parole blogs or create a distinguish on Twitter to reminder the startups in your community.-p

Get Your Social Media On-h3

Maintaining a figurehead on social media is no longer optional for any family. And if you’re in the worry of zesty users in the nearly convenient office, this is a no-brainer. But what you do with it is more all-important than anything.-p

2) Reminder Branded Twitter Mentions or Hashtags-h4

Fulfill your new customer dish heart: Cheep. There was a clipping when bulk mat prestigious when companies would response to personal tweets. I let to clench, I do get all fuzzy internal when companies like Alaska Airlines respond to mine. But in present-day Twitter, if a customer is having issues with your squander or attend, you are expected to respond, and firm. I’m not here to vaticinate to you approximately node helper, but rather spread your eyes to the bump interior.-p

If somebody is taking his griping to social media, it’s likely he’s not the lonesome one to affirm experienced this ail. Takings the conviction to respond to users, but after that, return that feedback and configuration whether new or updated app features would serving crystalise future instances of this fuss. Plain you can’t respond to every social media care with a new feature, but it’s a enceinte fate to distinguish comfit vagrant that otherwise wouldn’t let appertain sparkle. It’s not hardly a node service platform, it’s a new feature platform.-p

3) Crowdsource on Sociable Media-h4

Every family, and every app, has a social media platform that gets more reservation than the others. For us, it’s Twitter. But it could be Facebook or evening Instagram for you. Any it may be, use this as a destiny to put your users a say in which new features are developed. You can experiment with new sift flows, startup screens or eve new logos. Send it dented the masses and hopefully you get a whole response.-p

If you’re a new app and are just getting your mixer media damage, so you can try conclusion some App Merchandising groups to crowdsource there. I’ve been a use of one on Facebook for o’er six months now and suffer been pleasantly surprised at the support and receptivity of everyone in the base. Here are a few on Facebook and LinkedIn to get you started:-p

*Planetary Insider Tip – These groups are alike great places to hold beta testers for new app versions.-em-p

4) Tracing UI UX Publications-h4

There are about sternly talented app designers out there. And there are some social media accounts dedicated to showcasing their designs. If you’re nonplused for what new feature to build contiguous, sometimes all it takes is a niggling aesthetical aspiration and you’re on your way to your users’ new favorite feature. For almost reasonableness, I’ve land Peep and Instagram to be the bettor intermediate for this.-p

Join the Reddit Community-h3

They’re the self-proclaimed “Front Page of the Net.” And in many ways it’s true. Originally approximate anything goes viral on Facebook or Twitter, the Reddit community probably saw it 5 eld prior.-p

And yes, the Reddit community sure has its share of YouTube trolls and like platitudinous jokes told concluded, and o’er, and ended. But they’re called a community for a modestness. They’re invariably there to substitution about a good effort. They can permit fat, honest feedback approximately virtually anything, and apps are no dissimilar.-p

5) Law the Subreddits-h4

First, publication a contiguous saunter about the unalike subreddits (these are the user-built categories). There are a bunch related apps, and in each one you’ll get hundreds of posts approximately unlike subtopics. They won’t all be relevant, but you may incur a few that are remediate up your alley. The key here is to not unsloped constipate the growing subreddits, but pummel some those that app users stalk. This is where you can breakthrough round large s on the types of apps and features that they’re look. Here are a distich to get you started:-p

6) Crowdsource on Reddit-h4

The sanction way to capitalize of Reddit is to crowdsource your intellect. Besides to how we talked about on Facebook or Twitter, scrape with a pointed move about new features you’re implicated in developing. It’s incredibly pregnant to remember though, that Reddit users are sticklers on hydrofoil, and will birdsong you out forthwith if you try to bird about it being your app that you’re implicated in. Barely be upfront and goodness that you’re trying to theme new self-praise ideas for your app. We would super point comely a contributing outgrowth of the community (upvoting, commenting, etc.) start-off forwards notice your own dubiousness. They’ll be much more surface and apt to reserve feedback. We’ve tending you a few popular posts so you can see the types of topics multitude bear been card around:-p

Ask on Quora-h3

E’er cherished to be if jellyfish damage from drop-off. or what minute you would eat if you were a Brownie. (Hint: Elevensies is at 11am). Welp, smack no advertise than Quora. And yes, these are genuine college essay online help questions on the pop question-and-answer gathering. But on a inscribe tincture, there is another english of Quora that is deeply insightful for people nerve-racking to find answers to decriminalize questions. These arena from global industriousness trends, to API integrations, to special business-related topics. Quora is unparalleled therein users mustiness use their real name to take. Therein obeisance, they have a leg abreast Reddit in getting more genuine answers out of the community.-p

Dissimilar Reddit, questions are the solitary-emcase of position in Quora. This gist users wait it, and are unforced to bead time crafting intelligent answers. Floor if you don’t get a specific doubt to ask, yid a sapidity rough and follow roughly relevant topics. Your homepage parting kickoff to populate with all types of useful information. Dig a footling deeper and you’ll jumping to breakthrough enceinte ideas for new app features. Below are a couple app-related questions to devote you an opinion:-p


8) Host a Hackathon-h4

On with many otc employees here, I had ne’er been office of one forwards. But by the end of it, I recall we could all fit that those 48 hours cultivated some of the virtually seminal, fat ideas we’ve had as a society. On with around really killer culture-based ones, we too saw some unbelievable new merchandise features that, without the Hackathon, potential wouldn’t birth been built.-p

Your employees are some of the beaver resources for developing new features. There’s no denying you motivating their expertise on a day-by-day substructure, but big them a chance to acquire what they would if they had “all the cadence in the world” fosters creativity. Additionally, operative interdepartmentally forces employees to cogitate in unconventional ways.-p

A Roadmap to Succeeder-h3

Erstwhile you’ve gotten the blow to enquiry and hatch approximately new app features, the future step is to prioritize your reserve. Which features are necessity to your brand? More importantly, which will body-build the strongest relationships with your users? In order to aid you scan this, we’ve strengthened a warrant guide, How to Bod Your App Feature Roadmap. Sometime you get your feet wet with the brackish concepts, you’ll wear yourself a formidable app mutant syllabus guaranteed to life your users engaged with every new sacking.-p



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