This pageboy provides answers to the nearly ofttimes asked questions some coursework units CREW2 and CREW4. Regularly updated, this is the trump billet to receive the nigh with-it advice.

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Coursework FAQ


Students may want to be well-advised as to the suitableness, acceptableness and rightness of their elect originative elements for CREW2 and 4. Teachers should so gestate the followers points in psyche spell serving students to pee those authoritative decisions.

Q: Are transformations and/or imitations of early writers’ workings satisfactory for compliance?

A: Students bequeath be rewarded for victimization an inventive and good approaching to lyric in their elect mannequin [AO1 2]. Knowingness of originative processes and of responses to existent writers’ oeuvre is rewarded severally in the broody comment [AO3 4].

The presentment of sequels or prequels, of new episodes of dramas or stories, or of poesy sequences based upon communities and/or locations effected by otc writers may be satisfactory as submissions. Indications of that originative serve leave motivation to be distinctly manifest in the development of the last composition from the educatee’s archetype swig.

Originative elements are judged on their somebody strengths. Where the substance and effectualness of the penning is contingent explanations of contextual import, the tone of the sour is belike to be undermined because the composition moldiness be assessed as a ‘bandstand unparalleled’ slice and has to be submitted intrinsically.

Explanations of courtly or stylistic aim cannot be considered in the appraisal of the originative workplace but may be rewarded in the brooding comment. The judgment of the comment is informed by the penning but not vice-versa.

Q: Is it conquer for students to reconcile exercise presented for early specifications as coursework in Originative Composition?

A: No. Students should be informed that submitting the like writing for ramify topic specifications is not satisfactory. Reduplicate submissions are not permitted in A-level examinations. E.g., an archetype writing in the manakin of a originative shift that has been submitted for English Lit cannot besides be submitted for Originative Authorship; nor can a account or clause offered for appraisal in English Words or Media Studies. This applies likewise to scripts fain for Play or Dramatics Studies. It would not be earmark to resign a work that was too organism assessed for the Elongated Labor.

Yet, master oeuvre arising from tasks undertaken for early specifications mightiness be completely satisfactory. It would, e.g., be conquer for a play scholar to create fabricated composition that had its seeds in an master degree handwriting scripted for A-level Dramaturgy Studies. Likewise, a bookman mightiness recrudesce a science-fiction account or handwriting arising from issues studied in Physics or Alchemy. Another campaigner power develop a infotainment book for wireless, pic or telecasting or a mag clause, based on topics studied in Geographics or Sociology.

Q: Is it satisfactory for students to posit more one writing in apiece shape?

A: Yes. As declared in the Spec, it is satisfactory to reconcile a figure of pieces of composition inside the like shape. A educatee may reconcile a serial of pieces of flashgun fabrication, or a successiveness of poems, but delight tone that the minimal compliance for apiece of the two forms is 500 row in CREW2 (see likewise equivalencies in CREW4).

Q: Can imagined scenarios mannequin the foundation for non-fiction pieces? E.g., is it earmark for students to confront a feature reinforced round an imagined or invented question?

A: No, because such tasks are fictitious and should be submitted thereunder cast intrinsically. Likewise, a opus of locomotion authorship approximately a travel betwixt interplanetary resorts in a neighbouring solar organization would solitary be satisfactory as a firearm of science-fiction (prose fable).

Still, the imaginative crossover of schematic boundaries would be accepted in the judgment of AO1 2. The feeler would likewise propose opportunities for fruitful thoughtfulness in the comment.

Q: Are vivid forms satisfactory for CREW2 CREW4?

A: Where students wishing to whirl sour in a graphical mannikin they should be reminded of the minimal password prerequisite and well-advised that just the scripted row volition be assessed. None of the appraisal objectives provide considerateness of ocular elements. Students should be well-advised not to accompany this road.

Q: Are screenplay synopses allowed in written pieces? If so, what dimension mightiness be satisfactory?

A: Students presenting scripts should be cognisant that negotiation is expected to master the firearm.

Earmark directions and limited effects bequeath be rewarded where they attest a originative part to the mannequin. Around mentation inevitably to run to screenplay elements. Where yarn and description revolutionize, aim, or tempt the output of the operation they bequeath be rewarded below AO1 2. Should abstract, panorama circumstance, characterization and centering prevail the workplace, the potency of the playscript may be cut. Condition should to lean to submitting the sour nether a dissimilar manikin.

Q: What advice should students be offered regarding particular interview genre pieces such as sprite tales and authorship for children?

A: Students should be well-advised that, therein spec, consultation consciousness is not explicitly assessed, although exhibit intellect of genre and pattern can be rewarded done AO12.

Candidates wish to workplace in fairytale genre, or for children, should be well-advised that composition for a new consultation may not enable them to attest the expertness, proficient ascendence of terminology or extremely highly-developed or practiced work of mannequin and essence. Such accomplishment mightiness, withal, be potential graphic for youth adults.

Q: How practically tending should students springiness to particular interview and genre issues in the brooding comment?

A: Choices of configuration and genre [both schematic and modern] and use of nomenclature are relevant to AO1 and 2 and pass opportunities for thoughtfulness nether A03 and 4.

Considerateness of hearing is one of many things that can be rewarded in units 2 4 as demonstrating attest of cognizance of own processes [AO3] and when conquer, regulate of promulgated workplace as stimulation and stirring [AO4].

Q: Are thither guidelines to be discovered regarding full-grown substance?

A: Where the contentedness of originative ferment raises issues of suitableness, centres should piddle the perspicacity on what they hold capture for the scholar and the foundation. These issues much grow about the use of sexually denotative terminology and the display of force, e.g.. AQA does not sustain any particular guidelines almost the acceptableness of such penning because it is the obligation of schools and colleges to jurist the rightness of ferment that testament be submitted for a world examen appraisal. Finally, students indigence to be mindful that the employment they take for appraisal enters the world arena and their originative decisions should be influenced by that. Such considerations may whirl opportunities for exploration in the meditative comment.

Q: Leave it be capture for a CREW4 entry to be a exploitation/wing of oeuvre presented for CREW2?

A: No. The Stipulation states that workplace mustiness be wholly new.

Q: Bequeath the password numeration for CREW2 be strictly implemented?

A: Candidates volition be expected to stick nearly to the specified password counsel of 3000 quarrel in CREW2.

Q: Why is thither a minimal countersign boundary for the originative elements in CREW2 (500 language)?

A: To allow submissions of shorter forms and genres, such as a aggregation of photoflash fable or verse. Students are expected to counterpoise the distance of submissions to stretch the boilersuit 3000 watchword counseling.

Q: Why is thither no minimal tidings boundary for CREW4?

A: Thither is no minimal intelligence restrain for CREW4 as thither is in CREW2, though students are expected to bond to the parole ranges elaborated in the spec. Thither is counsel on equality for poesy and scripts. The absence of minimal intelligence limits for CREW4 leave boost students to return more province for their composition undertaking and for their redaction decisions. Thither should be no assumptions most a everlasting distance for a specific writing.

World-wide questions

Q: What rather instructor advice on coursework drafts is conquer?

A: Students are compulsory and should be encouraged to micturate mugwump drawing decisions, seemly progressively self-critical and meditative as they break their coursework pieces for compliance, so to annotate on this procedure in the ensuant comment. It is expected that these decisions testament rebel out of an on-going pondering serve during which they may get feedback on their ideas, plans and scripted drafts from their peers and early readers of their oeuvre. Their recitation and pic to the meditative penning of early writers leave besides raise this developmental operation.

Wider treatment with the instructor volition gambling a lively function therein summons. Still, in accord with JCQ guidelines, the instructor should dedicate scripted feedback on one scripted conscription of coursework solitary and should not allow any vital gossip for the nominee on subsequent drafts. Teachers can intimate ideas for exploitation in the last variation. E.g., they power indicate that the finish of a bit mightiness be highly-developed encourage or that the dialog could be honed. They mightiness head the nominee in the management of a exceptional author in club to search picture techniques or expert plat building. Often of this feedback leave be verbal kinda than scripted. Although ecumenical advice may lean on expert truth, teachers should not be ‘proofreading’ or correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Q: What advice should tend to students roughly authorship the comment?

A: Elaborated direction on the authorship of the comment is uncommitted in the Instructor Imagination papers ‘Approach Get-go Instruction’. In CREW2 both ace commentaries on soul coursework pieces and holistic commentaries altogether meekness are allowable, though the latter mightiness leave a more inquisitory, relative vital rumination. Taste commentaries volition be uncommitted for teachers but students should be encouraged to develop their own questions to be addressed in the comment and to pen in their own phonation, exploring textile from their notebook and diary.

Q: What rather assistant is uncommitted for teachers regarding the judgement of coursework?

A: Aspect to cheek meetings testament be offered in January/February 2014. As this is a new trend thither testament be a express pick of campaigner oeuvre uncommitted for normalization in January 2014, to admit examples of pronounced study in a form of forms also as commentaries with roughly unscathed folders for CREW2.

Candidates should be encouraged, nonetheless, to be advanced and explorative in their attack and samples of employment should in no way be regarded as normative models.

More elaborate steering on the requirements of the Comment can be constitute in Didactics and Erudition Resources on the AQA site. Therein job too, nevertheless, candidates should not smell qualified to a specified or exemplified coming and should be encouraged to be pilot and modern whilst addressing the judgement objectives.

Q: Is thither a item interpretation leaning for teachers?

A: AQA do not advocate particular books promulgated by outside publishers. Teachers are well-advised to take from the suggested inclination provided in summation to former texts and websites suggested in the precept and encyclopaedism resources to courting their own necessarily. Thither is besides an ever-increasing turn of texts and websites offer advice on Originative Penning.

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