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IT and Computation

Issue Overview

“The first gain of it is that it empowers mass to do what they deficiency to do. It lets masses be originative. It lets masses be fertile. It lets multitude read things they didn’t remember they could study ahead, so in a sensation it is all astir potential”.

It is a reform-minded, supportive field which aims to offer students with the skills needed to interact with the forward-looking humankind.

Apiece pupil volition sustain distinct accession to a PC every example also as their own personal place on our mesh. Students are besides provided with net entree (filtered and monitored) and an email explanation field to signing an Satisfactory Utilization Insurance (AUP).

KS3 Computation at Durham Johnston Civilise

End-to-end KS3 students testament survey 3 clear-cut stands:

Students leave guarantee projects in apiece to assist acquire their noesis, skills and reason. Students bequeath be expected to work problems victimisation their anterior skills and noesis evidencing their procession.

In Yr 7 students bequeath sketch:

  • Trouble Resolution
  • Parole Processing Desk Top Publication Skills
  • E-Safety
  • Computation with: The BBC micro:bit, Logotype Ascendance Perceptivity
  • Cyberspace E-mail
  • Digital Imagination
  • Web Innovation

In twelvemonth 8 students bequeath sketch:

  • Computation with: The BBC micro:bit Flowal (algorithms)
  • Modeling Fiscal Modeling
  • Voice Redaction
  • Telecasting Innovation Redaction
  • E-Safety – cyberbullying, sexting, concealment and reportage
  • Scribble – games excogitation

In Twelvemonth 9 students bequeath sketch:

  • Calculation with a textual nomenclature – Python
  • Grow a Media Result to a set job
  • Images, Audio Picture handling redaction
  • Databases, Question, lookup, corroborate, represent.
  • Enquiry presenting skills
  • Model
  • Job Resolution teamwork

Students leave be assessed on their K, S U end-to-end the class. They testament lean the chance to evidence their reason of the package, the chore and the allow coating of skills.

GCSE ICT at Durham Johnston Civilize

Crucial Skillsare the skills requisite for workplace, scholarship and animation – IT skills are necessity skills.

Compendious of the key message

In yr 11 students volition guarantee a undertaking which is likewise deserving 30% of their concluding GCSE score. This testament be a externalise based upon their elect scenario; the undertaking aims to get analytic, excogitation, execution and appraising skills.

The role of this whole is to ask candidates to resolve hard-nosed problems which they may fill in breeding, the community or in the exercise situation. ICT moldiness be victimized to resolve the trouble.

A-Level ICT

IT 1 Data Systems – UMS 120

Topics covered therein whole: information, data, cognition and processing; package and ironware components of an entropy organisation; characteristics of criterion applications package and covering areas; spreadsheet concepts; relational database concepts; applications package secondhand for introduction and communicating of information; the part and elf of ICT – effectual, lesson and sociable issues.

2 hr scrutiny: 60% of the totality AS cross / 30% of the sum A Floor cross.

15% of mark – Candidates testament be needful to train a spreadsheet on a particular matter, outlined by WJEC, beforehand of the scripted theme. Gruelling copies of the spreadsheet are interpreted into the scrutiny and put-upon to result questions in Division B. This spreadsheet is submitted with the realized testing theme.

IT2 Presenting Entropy (Coursework) – UMS=80

Coursework: Candidates let the chance to research invention, package maturation, examination and certification.

One Externalise for a actual end exploiter: 40% of the totality AS cross / 20% of the add A Stratum grade. A answer to a undertaking allowing candidates to certify modern noesis of an applications packages. Candidates contract DTP and multimedia tasks, presenting the consequence for inner judgment and easing by WJEC.

IT3 Use Hob of ICT – UMS = 120

Therein whole candidates gather an apprehension of the systems bicycle; design computer-based info systems; networks and communicating; applications of ICT; implementing computer-based data systems and implications of ICT.

ICT Systems, Applications Implications (Extraneous) 2 hours interrogation / 30% of the totality A Stratum score

IT4 Relational Databases (Coursework) – UMS=80

Coursework: Candidates search definition, investigating psychoanalysis; conception; package ontogenesis, examination execution; corroboration and rating done a client-driven labor.

One Externalize for a actual end exploiter: 40% of the add AS crisscross / 20% of the sum A Grade crisscross

The externalise volition demand candidates to distinguish and search a naturalistic job for a material end-user and get an entropy organisation. Candidates examine, figure, apply, trial and valuate a answer to a job of their quality requiring the use of a relational database. This is a solid work, undertaken concluded an elongated period. It is internally assessed and moderated by WJEC.

Preparation/Annexe Employment

We await students to use ICT and use it crosswise the program to help our matter and others. We boost students to explore, download, convince and economize information for use in their ICT projects in plus to pattern and growth skills.

In add-on we could ask them to use the skills which they birth highly-developed in ICT in over-the-counter subjects/prep tasks – consequently ensuring their skills are moveable as this web site is share of working skills.

Utile Websites

Utile Websites


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