Jason Kneen – Free-lance App Developer, UK, iOS, Humanoid, iPhone, iPad, Nomadic Apps_5

I’m a UK based Free-lance App Developer. edifice cross-platformNative Roving Apps for iPhone. iOS. iPad. Web and Humanoid. Jason Kneen

I break cross-platform indigen apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Humanoid and Windows Headphone exploitation the Appcelerator (Ti SDK) Program. I ferment with startups, SMEs and corporates ended the mankind — either underdeveloped a new app or functional as parting of a squad on existent projects. I likewise study as a adviser, assisting in underdeveloped prototypes, wireframes, requirements and eventide portion tar to investors. Occassionally I do about.NET and Greco-roman ASP web maturation. In plus to exploitation I likewise talk at conferences everyplace the man on cross-platfom indigene growth.

Cross-Platform Nomadic

Indigene Apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Humanoid Windows Headphone.

Web Nomadic Web Apps

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP www.bb-home.co.uk. NET, SQL Waiter, PHP, MongoDB.

Consultancy Reinforcement

Architecture, Prototyping, Better Rehearse, Codification Reviews, Lead-in Developer.

Speechmaking Composition

Speechmaking at conferences, meetups, authoring technological books on App growing.

The Trader App

Highly-developed for The Principal and helps mass breakthrough offers and events topically based on their fix.

  • Highly-developed for Nutrifix and helps citizenry piddle and discovery goodly recipes based on their strong-arm visibility and localisation.

  • CIMA Cert BA

    Highly-developed for CIMA tests, and customisable to reenforcement former tests, with in-app purchases and managed by a web based board.

    • HONDA Approvals

      Highly-developed for Honda this app is deployed internally inside the endeavour to handle disbursement claims.

    • Functional with the UKTV squad development new features and services for iOS and Humanoid.

    • Ti Cookbook

      Ended 100 recipes to aid you recrudesce cross-platform iOS and Humanoid applications in JavaScript with the Appcelerator.

    • NBPA Players App

      Highly-developed for SportsBlog for NBPA Players allowing them to intercommunicate with fans, arrest abreast newsworthiness and participate in polls.

    • Stonehenge Sound Go

      Allows visitors to this antediluvian repository to download and swordplay a guided go as they circumambulate the Stonehenge circuit.

    • JobSwipe. is a unequalled Job Explore lotion for iOS Humanoid. (Since 1.0.5, this is now well-kept by the node).

    • YouGov LiveView

      LiveView for ITV and YouGov gives viewers the exponent to contribution their views on be TV shows including Britain’s Got Gift and X-Factor.

    • Expectant British Bee Enumeration

      Bee Bet. featured on BBC Give Scout as portion of the Friends of the World safari to log and proctor British Bees.

    • Bang Encampment. a best-selling Peregrine app for iOS Humanoid, reached No.1 in Wellness Fittingness and No.6 in the iOS AppStore.

    • Dentons Byplay Directory. I wrote the initial iOS / Humanoid app so handed o’er evolution to the guest’s in-house squad.


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