Ironware and Package Requirements

You are hither: Configuring Your Reckoner Ironware and Package Requirements

The ironware and package requirements for edifice apps in Kony Visualiser depart contingent your os and the nomadic platforms from for which you are development. Penetrate from the followers tilt to determine more.

Windows-Based Requirements

Computers operative Microsoft Windows mustiness play the next minimum ironware and package requirements.

  • Dual-core 64-bit c.p.u.
  • 8 GB of retentivity
  • Capable 24 GB of interior warehousing ( Kony Visualiser. 4GB, Humanoid SDK: 2GB, Windows SDK: 4GB, BlackBerry NDK: 4GB, summation plentiful distance for multiple composite projects)
  • Web port menu
  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 Update, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Mac-Based Requirements

Apple computers moldiness encounter the pursual minimum ironware and package requirements.

  • x86-64 cpu (64-bit Mac with an Intel Essence 2 Duo, Intel Essence i3, Intel Essence i5, Intel Centre i7, or Xeon mainframe)
  • 8 GB of store
  • 150 GB of interior repositing ( Kony Visualiser. 4GB, Entrepot for multiple, composite projects: 10GB, Apple Xcode: varies, contingent the features and simulators you instal, and the turn of before versions of iOS your app inevitably to keep)
  • Mesh port menu
  • Mac OS X variant 10.7 and supra
  • Coffee SE7 runtime (Needed by Occult. You are prompted to instal Coffee SE7 runtime the low sentence you found Kony Visualiser.)

Extra Requirements by Chopine

On with those antecedently listed, apiece exploitation program has extra requirements. Elaborated data on how to fulfill these requirements is provided in the procedures for instalment apiece program’s several package maturation kit (SDK) and copycat.

Underdeveloped apps for iOS includes the followers requirements.

  • iOS-related inscribe and applications can solitary be highly-developed on a Mac OS reckoner
  • The up-to-the-minute variant of Xcode, the Apple SDK for creating iOS apps

Underdeveloped apps for Humanoid includes the followers requirements.

  • The Humanoid SDK
  • Apache Ant (Another Full-strength Pecker), an open-source cock that automates aspects of the Humanoid physique serve.
  • Gradle (An sophisticated body-build toolkit that manages dependencies and allows to fix impost figure logic.)

Windows Nomadic

Underdeveloped apps for Windows Peregrine includes the pursual requirements.

For Windows8.1 fluid devices

  • Cpu that supports Sec Degree Accost Displacement (Spline)
  • Windows 8 Pro variant with the 8.1 update
  • 6.5 GB of national reposition
  • 8 GB retention
  • Windows Call SDK8.0
  • Optical Studio Evince 2013 for Windows
  • Windows Ring 8.1 Update 1 Emulators

For Windows8.0 Wandering Devices

  • C.p.u. that supports Arcsecond Degree Speak Version (Spline)
  • Windows 8 Pro version or greater
  • 8 GB of national store
  • 4 GB retentivity
  • Windows Earpiece SDK8.0
  • Optical Studio Verbalize 2013 for Windows


Development apps for BlackBerry includes the next requirements.

  • VMware Instrumentalist, ill-used for gimmick emulation.
  • BlackBerry Aborigine SDK (the variant varies contingent what variation of BlackBerry twist you neediness your app to keep).

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