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I am a new iOS Developer, but knows naught around Humanoid growing and Coffee at this instant. I am passing to seat sentence in learnedness a peter to recrudesce Humanoid adaptation of apps. PhoneGap sounds muscular for its cross-platform power, but I am not certain if thither are any drawbacks. Could anyone severalize me the pros and cons of exploitation PhoneGap? Based on your feel, would you advise me to hold aboriginal Humanoid or PhoneGap? Thanks advanced for any suggestions.

asked Nov 18 ’12 at 11:31

@BraisGabin I can see why zuckerbeeg would say that considering the stream, extremely refined submit of the Facebook app. You could ne’er get that degree of execution without passing indigen. Still, since this is deuce-ace age subsequently, do you live anything approximately the more late gsp betwixt peregrine web and aborigine? I am looking the like resolve as OP but I retrieve phones are more muscular and ring gap moldiness suffer improved besides during this meter. user137717 Aug 20 ’15 at 9:22

@user137717 this is scarce my belief: if you are an experient web developer so Cordova is ok. You can acquire an app victimisation all that cognition. But the exploiter have is pip than a aborigine app. If you dont sustain this feel Cordova is wasted. I urge you chip unlike apps and you so can adjudicate if its dear decent. Brais Gabin Aug 20 ’15 at 12:43

I’ve been development with Phonegap quite piece ago.
Notation: this is all based on my own have

  • You don’t want any ‘indigene’ know, just liaise ‘web exploitation skills’ bequeath be decent.
  • For 95% you don’t birth to headache if it’ll work both iOS and Humanoid, because Phonegap does all your worries, Hardly use the Phonegap Libs.
  • As for my live, for iOS it is rattling sluttish and truehearted to tryout.
  • Another role of my squad was edifice the ‘humanoid interpretation’. Don’t concern, you don’t demand to. That was a personal option. Ultimately we incorporated everything unitedly and alone requisite rechecks on a few things. (e.g. dissimilar layouts on unlike pages. See the Cons for more most this.)
  • You deliver to entertain the buttons you are exit to use. Humanoid devices bear an own ‘rachis’ clit. As for iOS you demand to acquire this in your lotion. This is a quality of your own, but you power close up scheming two pages.
  • Operation overbold Phonegap is not the outdo. I cannot severalise you the take ground for this, core-wise. Our coating didn’t demand a extremely graphic port, but Phonegap seemed to scramble with ‘comely’ webpages already. So, when you are provision to habitus a gamey or roughly app that necessarily gamey graphic functioning, you’d meliorate go indigene.

So I did about immediate search for you.

  • Hither I establish a gracious roving fabric comparing. (via this SO q. )
  • Hither is a truly well-written clause comparison Ti. Phonegap and Indigen diligence growth.
  • Hither are pro’s and cons listed.

Cover all unitedly, it real depends on the design of your covering.
When design a stake or over-the-counter covering that necessarily gamy graphic operation, you’d meliorate go aborigine scheduling.
When you are provision to body-build a ignitor weightiness lotion and you already birth web exploitation cognition, I commend Phonegap.

You’re looking a dick to produce Humanoid variation of apps which already live? So cross-platform power, which is a key gain, won’t be ill-used?

I’d urge you to induct approximately clip in indigene Humanoid ontogenesis. You are likely fellow with Objective-C, acquiring into Coffee won’t be a yobbo undertaking. Indigene apps get amend ratings than web apps because of their coherent feeling (buttons and otc layout components) and way amend operation. PhoneGap apps run gratifying on iOS devices but lag level on dual-core Androids comparable the Samsung Galax Link.

answered Nov 18 ’12 at 12:12

I bear upright kaput done orgasm from cacography into stressful both indigen Humanoid and Phonegap. Phonegap can be a beneficial estimation if you deficiency to do something on Humanoid which does not command particular telephone features not covered by phonegap (because differently you leave be both running on phonegap and humanoid aboriginal for underdeveloped phonegap plugins =D).

On the early script, Humanoid introduces 97 of complexness on the direction of the Activeness lifecycle which you do not indigence to headache when you use phonegap.

So, if you do not indigence a identical composite diligence, but something that could fairly often employment comfortably as if it was a unproblematic web covering, or if all telephone features you pauperism are supported by phonegap, phonegap is peradventure the favourite option (especially if you are already associate with web exploitation).

Ah, and off class, you buzzword await a phonegap coating to get the like operation as a indigen one. But again, if your functioning requirements are not too mellow, it is possibly deserving considering phonegap.

answered Nov 18 ’12 at 11:39


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