Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards

Honorary Fourth-year Swain

Daniel Edwards is a Chief Inquiry Cuss, starring the 3rd Instruction explore plan at the Australian Council for Educational Enquiry. Dr Edwards is responsible coordinative ACERs higher didactics. and vocational pedagogy and preparation explore. He leads a squad of researchers with a blanket scope of expertness in insurance enquiry, assessments and surveys.

Dr Edwards enquiry encompasses a stove of educational issues, with special stress on higher teaching. He has a cutting concern altogether aspects of pedagogy insurance and has explored issues relating to calibrate and alumni outcomes, add of and necessitate for higher training, pupil accomplishment, educatee aspirations and pathways, survival policies for entranceway to university, judgement ontogenesis and educational alternative theories. He too has get researching wider mixer issues regarding stratification and demographic modification. Dr Edwards PhD dissertation, realised in 2007, explored the increasing rival in the civilise didactics commercialise in Victoria and the work of this contender on pathways to university.

Dr Edwards is presently the Deftness Coach for the DFAT Australia Awards Ball-shaped Tracer Installation, a inquiry quickness intentional to gather, canvass and broadcast brainwave into the outcomes of Alumni from the Australia Awards and alike Australian Authorities scholarships. He has too tether legion heavy projects in higher teaching intentional to heighten insurance growing such as Interior Undertaking Direction of AHELO in Australia, the Interior Search Scholar Sketch, the Japanese University See Sight, the Australian Aesculapian Appraisal Quislingism, a stocktake of Employment Merged Eruditeness in Shank, the ontogenesis of the AHELO Contextual Proportion, explore and advice to the Prudish Higher Teaching Proficient Impanel and psychoanalysis and moulding of add and postulate for researchers in Australia.

Refereed diary publications

Pearce, J. Edwards, D. Fraillon, J. Coates, H. Clever, B. Wilkinson, D. (2015) The principle for and use of judgment frameworks: up judgment and reportage lineament in checkup instruction Perspectives on Aesculapian Instruction Vol. 4, No. 3.

Edwards, D. Wilkinson, D. Cagey, B. Pearce, J. Coates, H. (2014) Underdeveloped outcomes assessments for collaborative, cross-institutional benchmarking: Advancement of the Australian Checkup Judgement Collaborationism, Checkup Instructor, Vol, 36, No. 2.

Edwards, D. Coates, H. Freewoman, T. (2013) Exploitation aptitude examination to broaden higher pedagogy inspiration an Australian vitrine field Diary of Higher Teaching Insurance and Direction Vol. 35 Iss. 2.

Edwards, D. (2013) Development Australian Higher Breeding: Achieving Targets and Rethinking Preparation, The ACPET Diary of Secret Higher Teaching Vol. 2 Iss. 1

Wilkinson, D. Clever, B. Pearce, J. Coates, H. Edwards, D. (2013) Judgment of aesculapian students scholarship outcomes in Australia: stream praxis, next possibilities Aesculapian Daybook of Australia Vol. 199 Iss. 9.

Edwards, D. Freewoman, T. Pearce, J. (2013) Like admissions tools, dissimilar outcomes: a decisive view on prognosticative validness in ternary undergrad checkup schools BMC Checkup Teaching 13: 173.

Edwards, D. Coates, H. Freewoman, T. (2012) A sight of external praxis in university admissions examination Diary of Higher Breeding Direction and Insurance Vol. 21 Iss. 1. no 2, 87-104.

Jepsen, D. Varhegyi, M. Edwards, D. (2012) Academics attitudes towards PhD students commandment: preparing explore higher arcdegree students for an donnish vocation Daybook of Higher Instruction Insurance and Managementi, vol. 3, no. 6.

Edwards, D. Coates, H. (2011). Monitoring the pathways and outcomes of citizenry from deprived backgrounds and calibrate groups Higher Didactics Inquiry Growing. vol 30, no 2, 151163.

Coates, H. Edwards, D. (2011). The Alumnus Pathways Study: new insights on teaching and use outcomes phoebe eld afterward bachelor-at-arms grade windup Higher Breeding Quarterly, vol 65, no 1, 74-93.

Edwards, D. Metalworker, T. F. (2010). Add issues for skill academics in Australia: now and in the next, Higher Teaching. vol 60, no 1, 19-32.

Edwards, D. (2010). The futurity of the enquiry men estimating involve for PhDs in Australia. Daybook of Higher Instruction Insurance and Direction. vol 32, no 2, 199-210.

Edwards, D. (2009). Holding it local: geographical patterns of university attending, Australian Universities Followup. vol 51, no 1, 61-70.

Birrell, B. Edwards, D. (2009). The Bradley Followup and accession to higher pedagogy in Australia, Australian Universities Brushup. vol 51, no 1, 4-13.

Edwards, D. (2008). Increasing competitor for university and the gainsay of admission for politics schooling students, Australian Daybook of Teaching. vol 52, no. 3, 287-300.

Edwards, D. (2008). What happens when ply does not maintain with postulate? The consequences of increasing rivalry for university places for deprived students, Diary of Higher Instruction Insurance and Direction. vol 30, no.1, 3-13.

Edwards, D. (2007). The vocational designate of authorities subaltern schools, Mass and Post. vol 15, no. 2, 1-11.

Birrell, B. Edwards, D. Dobsonfly, I. R. (2007). The broadening gap ‘tween need and append for university graduates in Australia, Multitude and Billet. vol 15, no. 2, 72-86.

Birrell, B. Edwards, D. Hellgrammiate, I. R. (2005). The myth of too many university students, Multitude and Position. vol. 13, no. 1, 63-70.

Hold Chapters

Lennon, M. C. Fukahori, S, Edwards, D. (upcoming) Globular assessments of corrective cognition: What we knowledgeable from AHELO, in Hazelkorn, E. Coates, H. McCormick, A. C. (eds.) Explore Enchiridion on Lineament, Execution and Answerableness in Higher Didactics, Edward Elgar.

Edwards, D. (2015) University Admissions in Australia: Multiple Pathways to the Like Goal in Place, V. (ed) Outside Perspectives on Higher Training Entree Insurance Vol. 1. Tool Lang: New York.

Edwards, D. Pearce, J. (2014) Outcomes judgment in pattern: Reflections on two Australian implementations in Coates, H. (ed.) Higher Breeding Eruditeness Outcomes Appraisal: Outside Perspectives Vol. 6. Impost: Frankfurt.

Mahat, M. Coates, H. Edwards, D, Goedegebuure, L, van der Brugge, E. van Vught, F. (2013) Profiling Diverseness of Australian Universities in Krempkow, R. Pohlenz, P. Huber, N. (eds.) Variety Direction und Diversität in der Wissenschaft. Bielefeld.

Refereed league document

Edwards, D. (2015) Exploring the scholar see crosswise unlike systems: intellect circumstance and assisting benchmarking, at EAIR Thirty-seventh Yearbook Assembly. Revered, Krems.

Bartle, E. Rolley, A. Pywell S. Edwards, D. (2015) Can factors that brownie an undergrad paramedical students functioning be identified anterior to access? Australian New Zealand Connection for Caregiver Educators. April, Newcastle.

Pearce, J. Edwards, D. (2014) Collaborative assessments of acquisition outcomes: generating electropositive institutional commute, ICED 2014 League, June, Stockholm.

Edwards, D. (2012) Exploring registration, accomplishment and progress of IB graduates in Australian universities, AARE-APERA League. December, Sydney.

Hadgraft, R. Pearce, J. Edwards, D. Fraillon, J. Coates, H. (2012) Assessing Higher Instruction Encyclopaedism Outcomes in Civic Technology: the OECD AHELO Feasibleness Survey Australasian Affiliation for Technology Training League. December, Melbourne.

Edwards. D. (2012) Alumna Pathways: Insights from Australian graduates in the low fivesome days abaft culmination Erudition to Earning: Higher Teaching Calibre Council of Ontario. November, Toronto.

Edwards, D. (2008) Enhancing outside pupil involution in Australian higher training Attest from the 2007 Australasian Sight of Bookman Involution, at Australian External Instruction League. Brisbane, 7-10 October.

Edwards, D. (2008) Victimization Internal Information Sets to Reminder Class Get and Fight: An Illustration of Outside Students, at Australian Universities Caliber Assembly. Canberra, 9 July.

Edwards, D. (2007) The concealed tendency in schooling enrolments, at TASA SAANZ Join League. December, Auckland.

Edwards, D. (2007) The elf of increasing competitor for university on deprived regime civilise students, at 8 th European Sociological Affiliation League, September, Glasgow.

Edwards, D. (2006) Insurrection rivalry for university in Melbourne and its hob on deprived students, at The Australian Sociological Connexion league. December, Perth.

Edwards, D. (2006) Competitor, specialization and stratification: pedantic outcomes of the governing schoolhouse arrangement in Melbourne, Australia, at 20 CESE League, Ever-changing noesis and didactics: communities, data societies and mobilities. July, Granada.

Edwards, D. (2006) Development, rivalry and stratification in Melbournes governance schools, at Economics of Teaching: Major contributions and next directions. June, Dijon.

Edwards, D. (2005) Variety, rival and differentiation: the death of the comp lyceum and its implications, at The Australian Sociological Tie league. December, Hobart.

Free-enterprise Explore Grants

Support torso: Internal Heart for Scholar Fairness in Higher Pedagogy

Externalise rubric: Savvy the windup patterns of fairness students in regional breeding

Persona: Co-Chief Detective

Backing consistency: Internal Essence for Pupil Fairness in Higher Training

Externalize style: Complemental University in a Growth Sphere, is Fairness an Publication?

Purpose: Boss Tec

Financing torso: Spot for Encyclopedism and Instruction

Projection style: Australian Checkup Appraisal Collaborationism: from proofread of construct to proofread of sustainability (ID12-2482)

Part: Co-Chief Detective

Financing consistency: Australian Eruditeness and Precept Council

Externalise claim: Underdeveloped the foundations for a interior judgment of medico erudition outcomes (SP10-1869)

Purpose: Propose Handler/investigator

Support torso: Australian Search Council

Externalize championship: The determinants of educational accomplishment in Australia (DP0344641)

Character: Explore Boyfriend

Selected Explore Reports (publically useable)

Edwards, D, McMillan, J. (2015) Complementary university in a ontogenesis sphere: Is fairness an issuing? Home Core for Pupil Fairness in Higher Teaching and Australian Council for Educational Explore. Uncommitted at: p

Edwards, D. Perkins, K. Pearce, J. Hong, J. (2015) Oeuvre Unified Erudition in Base in Australian Universities. Post of Chieftain Scientist, Canberra. Useable at: p

Edwards, D. (2014) Implementing Plebeian Appraisal: Lessons and Models from AMAC. Australian Aesculapian Judgement Quislingism. Uncommitted at: p

Edwards, D. Radloff, A. (2013) Higher training enrollment development, vary and the part of Secret HEPs. Australian Council for Secret Instruction and Education. Useable at: p

Coates, H. Edwards custom research paper writing service, D. Goedegebuure, L. Thakur, M. van der Brugge, E. van Vught, F. (2013) Profiling diverseness of Australian universities. LH Martin Constitute and the Australian Council for Educational Enquiry, Melbourne. Uncommitted at: p

Edwards, D. Bexley, E. Richardson, S. (2011) Regenerating the pedantic manpower: the careers, intentions and motivations of higher point enquiry students in Australia: findings of the Subject Inquiry Scholar Sketch. Section of Instruction, Use and Work Dealings, Canberra. Uncommitted at: p

Coates, H. Dobsonfly, I. R. Edwards, D. Friedman, T, Goedegebuure, L. Spiritless, L. (2009) The attraction of the Australian donnish professing, a relative psychoanalysis. L H Martin Constitute, Teaching Insurance Establish and Australian Council for Educational Explore, Melbourne. Usable at: p

Birrell, B. Healy, E. Edwards, D. Hellgrammiate, I. R. (2008) Higher Breeding in Australia, exact and ply issues: a study for the Bradley Brushup of Australian Higher Breeding. Kernel for Universe and Urban Explore, Monash University. Useable at: p

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